Student's Name Teacher / Counselor          Date Case #  
Student Development Matrix
  School Assessment Program Assessment Assessment Key 
  Starting Ending 2 3 4 5 5  - Thriving
Relationships with friends & adults             4  - Safe/Self-Sufficient
Sense of fair play/cooperation             3  - Stable  
Leadership Skills             2  - At Risk  
Teamwork             1  - In Crisis  
Ability to follow directions             Assessment Dates 
Makes wise decisions             2) 4)  
Study Skills             3) 5)  
Description of Key Terms
          Consistently respects others' opinions and is able to express their beliefs in a non-confrontational manner.  
          Shows compassion and concern for others.  
          Demonstrates and models good organizational skills. Serves as a positive role model for peers.  
          Consistently works well with others.  
          Consistently follows directions and listens.  
          Makes wise decisions.  
          Completes tasks in a timely & orderly fashion.  
  Safe / Self-Sufficient                  
          Respectfully listens to others' opinions.  
          Understands and respects the rights of others.  
          Recognizes and is influenced by positive role models.  
          Works well with others in most situations.  
          Understands directions and complies.  
          Makes safe decisions.  
          Needs little direction to complete tasks in timely orderly fashion.  
          Expresses own opinions but may have difficulty listening to opinions of others.   
          Understands their right to make choices.  
          Recognizes healthy leadership but displays no interest in taking leadership.  
          Works well with others in certain situations.  
          Cooperates but may not always understand directions.  
          Seeks others' advice in making decisions.  
          Displays interest in completing tasks.  
          Shows inappropriate responses to others' opinions.  
          Shows little compassion and concern for others.  
          Strongly influenced by peers' decisions.  
          Works with others but requires supervision.  
          Exhibits attitude and requires monitoring.  
          Sometimes intimidates others.  
          Shows little pride in completed tasks.  
   In Crisis                  
          Shows a total disregard for others' opinions and usually resorts to physical violence.  
          Isolated and withdrawn.  
          Makes decisions with total disregard for others.  
          Is unable to work with others.  
          Refuses to listen.  
          Frequently intimidates others; is viewed as a "bully."  
          Refuses to complete tasks.  
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