What is the purpose for using the matrix model?


The matrix model purpose is to show growth, outcomes, strengths, progress, goals, and areas that need improvement for each family (student).


It will be used as a communication tool for the agency.The school counselors will use it to show their students progress and HCC will also become more aware of each studentís needs.Huntington Community Centerís social service department will use the matrix to show clients their strengths and how to work on areas that need improvement.It will also be used to communicate with the community and funders what Huntington is doing to improve the lives of at-risk children and the under privileged Sylvania families.


In addition, the matrix will be used to help justify the needs of programs and help develop new programs as needed.†† The matrix will also serve as a way to identify the partnerships that are needed to complete Huntington Community Centerís mission.


What does HCC want to see at the end of the year?


Huntington Community Center would like to see improvement in the lives of our clients and our students.HCC would also like to see consistency.HCC wants to see the increased communication, most of all, with the schools, the community, and funders.


Process For Collecting Data for Matrix:


STEP # 1:


Explain and train staff and Sylvania schoolís teachers and counselors how to use the matrix model.


STEP #2:


Huntington Community Center Social Service Programs:


1) The Outreach Director will determine a baseline and (2) follow-up on the client in 30 days to find out if the clients situation has improved.Clients that require continuous services will be given regular assessments.



Huntington Community Center Youth Service Programs:





1) Counselor/Teacher will determine a baseline (first assessment) for the student.



2) HCC staff will complete follow-up assessments.

3) Counselor/Teacher will complete a final assessment.



4) HCC staff will evaluate the improvement that the student has made.


5) HCC staff will share the results with HCCís executive director.


6) HCC will give a graph to the parents to show them the improvement that the child has made since he or she started the program.